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Find Anything You Need for the New Home Interior in Our Countertop Store in Mount Rainier, MD

What is a kitchen without a perfect countertop? We don’t know, either. Montiel Countertops LLC has a countertop store where you can find what will make your kitchen incredible! Call us for your renovation project. The experts on our team will offer you materials like quartz, marble, granite, and more. We provide services to owners, tenants, and property attendants in Mount Rainier, MD. We can transform any home in all areas we serve.

Our Services

We provide services that include the entire range from kitchen countertop installation to granite manufacturing. We are experts in the renovation and remodeling of entire houses, kitchens, kitchen cabinets, and every other room with our general construction. We also do plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, painting, interior and exterior flooring, and more.

We Will Make Your Home Unforgettable!

Ask Montiel Countertops LLC’s specialists when you plan a renovation and need to hire granite & countertop fabrication specialists. We will create a remarkable design and ensure you have a modern kitchen, bathroom, living room, or outdoor living area. Trust us, and our experts will amaze you with the results!

We Create Long-Lasting Relations with Our Clients

We are known as a respectable and trustworthy local granite manufacturing company in Mount Rainier, MD. We will recommend the perfect countertop for you in our shop. It is even better if our specialist visits your property. This way, we can measure and give more ideas about the new interior. Choose from the wide range of materials we use. Our team has vast experience and will always give you valuable advice.

We provide professional granite countertop installation services in the Tri-State area. Hire us to manufacture and install new countertops or remodel your home.


Client’s Testimonial

by Jason Oswald on Montiel Countertops LLC
Top quality work!

I hired the company for a renovation of my kitchen. They gave me a residential countertop installation and remodeled my kitchen cabinets. Now the kitchen is just as my wife wanted it. Top quality work!

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